Union Coffee: Crafting Quality Beans Since 2001

Union Coffee

Union Coffee is dedicated to providing the highest quality coffee for your enjoyment. Since 2001, we have carefully sourced and roasted select beans to ensure each cup of coffee is bursting with flavor and aroma – a testament to our commitment to craftsmanship and excellence.

Overview of the Fresh Quality Beans

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Our bean selection process is exacting and distinct, ensuring we select only the finest quality beans with rich flavor profiles. We source from around the globe, creating a dynamic blend reminiscent of the little surprises within each cup of Union Coffee – expect hints of cocoa, delicate floral notes and a sweet finish. Choose from our selections and experience the full deliciousness every time.

Every bean that enters our facility goes through a rigorous quality-control process, guaranteed to deliver the freshest full-bodied flavor. All of our beans are sourced exclusively from sustainably certified farms, ensuring that all of our ingredients meet the highest standards for quality and ethical sourcing. We use purposeful roasting techniques that bring out the unique flavors of each region, allowing us to achieve a balance of coffee notes from around the world. This results in an exceptional, nuanced cup with depth and complexity that will never fail to impress.

Roasting Process for Maximum Flavor

At Union Coffee, every single batch of beans is roasted with precision and perfected through careful temperature and time regulation. We’ve developed a unique blend of roasting methods to ensure maximum flavor extraction. This results in a complex flavor profile that combines the natural sweetness of our beans with rich undertones of chocolaty goodness. We guarantee – you’ll never be disappointed with your Unity Coffee experience!

Union Coffees

We begin with carefully sourced high-quality green beans that are specifically chosen to provide the perfect flavor balance. Our beans are lightly roasted, developed over time and inspected once they have reached their ideal temperature before moving on to the final stages of the process. Each batch of beans is then slowly cooled while carefully regulated air is circulated through our drum roaster machines, which enables us to capture maximum flavor without sacrificing any of the delicate aromatics. Finally, we craftfully hand blend and package our coffees with balanced levels of acidity, body, and sweetness for an unbeatable cup packed with a complex but rewarding flavor profile.

Trusting & Experienced Craftsmanship

We here at Union Coffee pride ourselves in not just sourcing top quality arabica beans, but also our experienced craftsmanship. Our master roaster has over 15 years of experience in speciality coffee and has perfected his craft to offer the best union of flavors from our carefully selected beans. Partnering with local farmers, we strive to provide the freshest bean selections for an amazing cup time after time.

At Union Coffee, we know that an amazing craft-roasted cup of coffee will not come from a one size fits all approach. That’s why, before roasting begins, our master roaster reviews the beans and creates a personal union of flavors for each batch. This process creates a balanced flavor profile that brings together complementary notes to deliver the freshest experience possible. Allowing masterful craftsmanship to guide every step in our process allows us to guarantee freshness as well as complexity in flavor with every sip you take!

Coffee Varieties & Offering by Origin

We offer a variety of unique and bold flavors with our coffee offerings, allowing for the best experience for every individual. From light to medium roasted single origin beans such as Ethiopia Limu and Brazil Cerrado, to dark full body roasts like Mexico Guadalajara and Peru La Union Organic, you’re guaranteed to find something that will please your palate. Our selection of speciality seasonal coffees changes regularly so be sure to check our website frequently!

By sourcing our coffee from small independent farmers around the world, and bringing together unique flavor profiles that are both artfully roasted, we are able to provide you with a truly exceptional cup of artisanal coffee. You can bring the same level of craftsmanship, quality and deliciousness into your home or office with Union Coffee’s selection of whole-bean coffees that are sure to please any palate. Whether you’re looking for a light & flavorful light roast or a bold & robust dark roast, Union Coffee has something for everyone!

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

We are proud to have happy customers throughout our years in the business, demonstrating that Union Coffee stands out from the rest. Don’t take our word for it – hear what others have to say about our coffee. Read testimonials from content customers sharing their experiences with Union Coffee and why they continue to choose us when they want quality beans.

From coffee enthusiasts to specialty shops, Union Coffee has received glowing reviews from people all around the world. One customer wrote: “I’ve been a loyal Union Coffee drinker for years and I can confidently say it stands above the rest when it comes to flavor, variety, and sustainability! Their blends are classic yet unique and really capture the essence of a true artisanal cup of joe. Best part is that you don’t have to break the bank to get your hands on some!” This sentiment is echoed by many other customers who appreciate Union Coffee for its dedication to quality, sustainability, affordability, and deliciousness.

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