A Guide to the Best SF Coffee: The Local Edition

Best SF Coffee

San Francisco is a city renowned for its vibrant coffee scene, with a plethora of cafés and roasteries scattered throughout the city. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or just looking for a great cup of joe, San Francisco has something for everyone. In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best coffee spots in the city, from cozy neighborhood cafés to trendy specialty roasteries. So, if you’re planning a trip to San Francisco and looking for a caffeine fix, read on for our guide to the best SF coffee.

Looking for a caffeine fix in San Francisco? Look no further than our guide to the best coffee cafes in the city! We’ve scoured around town to uncover the best places to find a delicious cup of joe, from family-run establishments to modern and trendy hotspots.

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Four Barrel Coffee.

Four Barrel Coffee offers some of the best coffee in San Francisco. Located in the Mission District, this cafe has sophisticated modern interiors and serves locally-sourced coffee with various brewing methods, from French press to pour over. Try their signature coldbrew, made from Peruvian and Honduran beans for a smooth and refreshing taste.

Four Barrel Coffee

The baristas at Four Barrel take coffee brewing seriously, having gone through rigorous training and testing to have their skills certified by the Specialty Coffee Association. You can trust that these professionals will prepare your coffee to perfection. On top of that, they are passionate about sustainability and use eco-friendly sustainable teak wood furniture sourced from Vietnam and fairtrade organic beans. So not only do you get a great cup of coffee, but you also help contribute to the environment while being served with a smile. Visit Four Barrel on Valencia Street for an unforgettable San Francisco coffee experience!

As Kroc Cafe & Bar.

Looking for something a little different in the city? Check out Kroc Cafe & Bar, a Dim Sum cafe near SoMa. The cafe serves a wide selection of coffees and teas as well as dim sum favorites like congee and steamed buns. With an extensive Chinese tea menu, this spot is perfect for relaxing with friends or enjoying some cozy alone time.

The cafe has an industrial vibe with reclaimed wood, concrete floors and exposed brick walls that bring the whole place together. On sunny days, take your coffee order to go and find a spot in one of SoMa’s many outdoor spaces nearby. Want something indoors? Kroc Cafe & Bar has plenty of cozy seating and lots of natural light, so you can flip through a magazine or work on your laptop while enjoying your cup of joe. So if you’re looking for something different, head to Kroc Cafe & Bar for the best SF coffee experience.

Boba Guys Mission.

Located near the heart of the Mission District, Boba GuysMission is the best spot to go for boba drinks and milk teas. The cafe specializes in organic Taiwanese-style teas and other traditional beverages like teh tarik or Hong Kong milk tea. Their boba drinks are made with local milk, fresh fruits, herbal syrups, housemade tapioca pearls and non-dairy milk alternatives like almond or coconut milk depending on your preference. Plus, their totally Instagrammable latte art makes your drink even more unique.

Boba Guys Mission also offers some of San Francisco’s best coffee. Their pour-over coffees are made using freshly-roasted small batch speciality beans that are sourced from distinguished coffee farms. Whether you prefer a flat white, mocha or cappuccino, Boba Guys Mission definitely has something for everyone–and it’s sure to meet your caffeine needs! So make sure to check them out and enjoy one of the many delicious drinks they have to offer.

Andytown Coffee Roaster’s Outer Sunset outpost.

Andytown’s Outer Sunset location is a great spot to meet friends or to find a cozy corner to work from as you sip on one of their signature drinks like the Snowy Plover or the famous Boomerang. Their coffee menu changes with the seasons and feature locally grown, seasonal ingredients for truly unique flavors you won’t find anywhere else in the city. Plus, their house blend of espresso combined with cream from neighbouring Strauss Dairy provides a perfectly balanced cup every single time.

Whether you’re a regular looking to get your regular, or just stopping in for “the best cold brew in the Outer Sunset” (as proclaimed by one reviewer), Andytown’s whimsically decorated cafe is the go-to spot for quality coffee. They also offer merchandise like pour over sets and enamel mugs for those who want to bring their favorite spot’s brewing style into their own homes. So come on out and taste why this SF favourite is a must-visit location no matter what time of year it is.

The Mill on Divisadero Street.

The Mill is one of the most beloved coffee shops in San Francisco and for good reason. Along with offering a great selection of Coffee and tea, this charming cafe also serves house-made pastries, sandwiches, hot and cold plates all day. Its Divisadero Street location features an open plan interior filled with sleek, white furniture, hardwood floors and beautiful windows that stream natural sunlight through the space. Whether you’re meeting friends or need a quick pick me up between meetings, the Mill is definitely worth checking out!

The Mill’s coffee is especially noteworthy – it’s sourced from a variety of responsible farms and roasters around the world, including Congregation in Oakland and Modern Coffee Roasting in Chicago. For a classic cup of joe, try their Mojo blend; it has fruity notes of cherry, malic acid and plum rind for a sweet, balanced flavor. Or if you’re feeling adventurous head over to the cold brew tower – offering signature drinks like Shakerato (cold brew with espresso ice cubes). Whatever beverage you choose, know that your contribution is helping to support sustainable farming practices!

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